AnomalyCity: Headhunting, the state of the human heart

I’ve often walked by this part of the road, never noticed it, until I did. This sight of a (doll) child’s head on display. It takes a troubled mind to put it up on display.

I was reminded of the practice of Headhunting, which was a way of life for many native tribes across the world.

A horrible cultural practice that is now popularly considered long gone. Really? I don’t think so. Heads are still cut, the heart of man is only getting worsened. Do a Google Search for “head found in …“ and you will find scores of news reports from across the world.

Mankind has only gotten more sophisticated about evil. How could a culture like that ever exist? Is it the lack of Education? Well, today, educated people kill in much more “sophisticated and elegant” ways.

This practice does not exist today in its current form because not all cultures are worth preserving. But, who gets to decide that? Each person thinks his or her own culture is perfect. Education makes an effort to unite the world, but is it working? Partly.

I believe the only solution is when people turn to God. Only God who is perfect can unite man.