Why must nonprofits pay a fair compensation?

Is it unfair to expect nonprofit organisations to pay fair wages? The popular notion or the traditional mindset, conditioned over the years, is still the same. To put it simply what many nonprofits want is “cheap and best”. Nonprofits are considered as organisations that care for people and the environment. The irony for most, they […]


3 qualities of a great manager

With over 10 hours spent at work daily, minus the travel, the last thing you want is a troubled workplace. If the salary is good enough, the next critical need is a great manager. I look for these three qualities in a manager. A Mentor A confidant, counsellor, consultant, adviser, therapist are all terms given […]

Cause-ing Creativity: Say No to Drug Abuse

In Cause-ing Creativity, this time I’ve attempted three wordplay creatives to discourage the use of illegal drugs. Nonprofits can create similar communication for their social media posts. It keeps your feed creative and interesting. Here’s an article on what cocaine does to a persons heart. “Heroin is a deadly drug that’s damaging young lives. At […]