Travel: Photos from my trip to Kerala

This took a while to capture. Hunted it down when I heard it call it’s mate. Elusive bird.
View from a hill in Pattazhy, Kerala
Flowers that bloom everyday at 10am. Yes, only at 10am.
Therapeutic colours – the iPhone 8 Plus captured it perfectly,
Perfect timing – I stood there like a rock to capture this one
Teary flower – I went for the wet look and found a bee feeding on the nectar
A spider at work casting his web wide

Photo: Shankumugham Beach, Kerala


I love this photo, the colours are so refreshing. It was a random shot using my iPhone 8 Plus, while in a fast moving car. Never in my life thought this would come out so clear. Slight editing using Instagram helped me sharpen it.

Kerala is beautiful, a photographers delight. I love how they manage to keep the lakes and rivers so clean.

Nature must be respected, after all God created it and said it was good.