3 reasons why workplace bonding should be during work-hours

“Workplace bonding” or “Team Building”, is an attempt to get employees to work better, together. It’s a call to strengthen employee communication, reduce siloed working, and improve the overall culture. Off-sites, work parties, in-house events are all time consuming activities.Time is money for companies. Time is money and LIFE for all employees. Firstly, Company time […]


What is the key to good mental health?

Better mental well-being, mental health, whatever anyone wants to call it, requires honesty and trust. Both come only with Truth. How many are willing to stick to the truth at the workplace? Those who live in constant fear of losing their jobs mostly fail to speak the truth. When employees feel a threat, whether there […]

Have an Employee Meeting coming up?

Employee Meetings are a great platform to align the rest of the organisation on the vision, strategy, performance, and other key company information. A wonderful opportunity for leaders to meet employees, in-person. If you have an Employee Meeting or an All Hands coming up, take a look at some of the steps you may find […]