No Smoking, please.

Everyone knows “Smoking is injurious to health”.
Why would anyone in their right mind smoke knowing it is injurious to health?
Why do people actually smoke?

Smoking rooms in Corporate offices (Not sure if this still exists). Smoking breaks every 2-3 hours taken by employees of all levels is a norm now. An increasing norm. Smoking and non-smoking areas in restaurants. Smokers on the streets, and public places. Isn’t this bad for the environment? There’s so much work being done to combat climate change, are these activists non-smokers?

Cigarette smoke produces 10 times more air pollution than diesel car exhaust, according to Medical News Today.

A team of scientists discovered that in just one day, a used cigarette butt emits up to 14% of the nicotine produced by a burning cigarette. And if the day was hot, the emissions were still higher.

Why are more and more people smoking? Even though they are successful? It’s all about the heart. I have friends, great individuals, who cannot stop. Some are scared of the relapse. While most others find themselves getting back to the habit because of mental and emotional pressures either at the workplace or in their homes. Smoking provides a temporary physical relief which they use to circumvent spiritual woes.

10 million die each year in India due to smoking.

World Health Organisation

Scientists state smoking reduces 10 years of your life. When a person loses hope, they resort to similar practices like smoking, alcoholism, or drug abuses.

When you give in to something you know is harmful, you find yourself enslaved to it. You are the slave, no more the King you are called to be.

Regret often pushes people into picking up smoking habits. Once you start smoking and it becomes a habit, it becomes a cause of regret for the body too.

The human body will return to the ground. Dust will return to dust. The soul and spirit lives on forever. Taking care of your soul and spirit will require you to turn to God, the Creator. Only God who is a Spirit can drive your spiritual blues away. Taking shortcuts to choke mental or emotional stress is like carrying a ticking time bomb. You are precious, don’t let false standards of the world judge you to irrelevance. You were created for Gods delight!