Have you heard of 10 Downing Street in Kolkata? It’s a pub which serves good grub. Read on...

Poem: God is in control

The beauty of creation I wish I was a poetI would write a cloudThe beauty of creation How they live out loud The picturesque skiesPaint stories untold How they all fit togetherColours, bright and bold The vastness of it allStirs my heart and soulThere is hope in the heavens God has everything in control

Every city you travel to has its unique story. This is not a story, it’s just a scribble on Kolkata’s world famous Yellow Taxi.

I love this photo, the colours are so refreshing. It was a random shot using my iPhone 8 Plus, while in a fast moving car. Never in my life thought this would come out so clear. Slight editing using Instagram helped me sharpen it. Kerala is beautiful, a photographers delight. I love how they manage... Continue Reading →


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