Cause-ing Creativity: SmoKing or a Slave?

Slave, not a King

This creative may seem slightly far-fetched, nevertheless, the point is to drive home the message that Smoking in essence is a form of slavery. You are no more a King of your life, but a Slave.

What does slavery entail? Abject subjection of an individual to a form of work they are unable to be free from. Their freedom is lost, leaving them stuck to work without remuneration and a life beyond work.

I once asked a friend why he can’t quit smoking. Why he cannot just will it, and break the chains. Like a few others I’ve heard say, they are unable to stop because they fear a relapse.

What’s really happening? The lack of purpose in life, boredom, anxiety, troubles, etc. potentially lead people into smoking. The toll from all the stress on their body is such that they give in to finding something external to soothe their senses. They are so consumed with soothing their body that they forget to address the real issue, which is the mind and heart. Of-course, smoking is only one of the problems.

I’ve had friends tell me they overcame the problem of smoking by finding a purpose in life. A purpose that required active thinking daily, followed by action that helped achieve short or long term goals.

Cause-ing Creativity: Smoking kills

No Smoking

Tobacco causes 1 death every 6 seconds.

Let the above statistic sink in. The rate of consumption has only increased over the years.

An Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) report says that use of tobacco accounts for about 30% of all cancers in men and women in India. Cancer of mouth is most common among men followed by lung cancer. Tobacco related cancer accounts for 42% of the male deaths and 18.3% of female cancer deaths. More here, a TOI article.

Nonprofit leaders or communicators with low budgets and paucity of time can create similar graphic using Adobe Spark Post or Canva. Human lives are precious and raising awareness in a cluttered digital world is paramount to making a wider and deeper impact.

Note: Cause-ing Creativity is a series where I get creative using simple design tools used by non designers for Cause based social media ads or organic posts.

Photography: Minimalism

Minimalist photography is a real treat to the eyes. I think it makes one think a little deeper because it emphasises the subject. It draws you to derive your own understanding of what’s being showcased.

“There is a poetic nature to minimalism that is about striking a balance between full and empty.” – Jennie C. Jones

“What you see is what you see.” – Frank Stella

“I photograph to find out what something would look like photographed” – Gary Winigrand

Photo Travel: Mother’s Wax Museum in Kolkata – Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist, and political ethicist, who employed nonviolent resistance to lead the successful campaign for India’s independence from British Rule, and in turn inspire movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. The honorific Mahātmā (Sanskrit: “great-souled”, “venerable”), first applied to him in 1914 in South Africa, is now used throughout the world. (Source: Wiki)

Photography: Rooster

This rooster was busy feeding among the greens in the backyard, along with a hen. The moment he heard me behind him, turned it’s head suddenly. It stood there in that position for a minute. Enough for me to get this shot.


Being protective and possessive of the hen feeding alongside.

AnomalyCity: Headhunting, the state of the human heart

I’ve often walked by this part of the road, never noticed it, until I did. This sight of a (doll) child’s head on display. It takes a troubled mind to put it up on display.

I was reminded of the practice of Headhunting, which was a way of life for many native tribes across the world.

A horrible cultural practice that is now popularly considered long gone. Really? I don’t think so. Heads are still cut, the heart of man is only getting worsened. Do a Google Search for “head found in …“ and you will find scores of news reports from across the world.

Mankind has only gotten more sophisticated about evil. How could a culture like that ever exist? Is it the lack of Education? Well, today, educated people kill in much more “sophisticated and elegant” ways.

This practice does not exist today in its current form because not all cultures are worth preserving. But, who gets to decide that? Each person thinks his or her own culture is perfect. Education makes an effort to unite the world, but is it working? Partly.

I believe the only solution is when people turn to God. Only God who is perfect can unite man.

AnomalyCity: Statue of Man eating human babies

Bern, Switzerland has a statue of a man eating human babies. No one knows why!

Kindlifresserbrunnen means, “Fountain of the Eater of Little Children”.

A 500 year old statue in the middle of the street, with no credible historical record of why and how it came into being. What is the education here?People censor and seek bans on so many inane issues, yet this is fine.

This truly reveals the heart of man and how most censorship or ban-tivism is mostly political with 💰 as top motive.

A sight like this is not recommended for children, nor mentally unstable addicts. Who cares! It’s a tourist spot bringing in money for the city.

To really care, you need God. To see through the darkness the heart needs to be filled with the Light of God.

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AnomalyCity: Bus Stop Lounge

Another sight to behold on the AnomalyCity series. A bus stop that has additional features. A tea and snacks corner, seating for several, and the most confusing of it all, a barrier.

It’s almost as if it’s a mental and physical challenge of sorts. As you wait, keep calm, get comfortable, but when the bus comes you need to be ready – cut across the chairs, then jump over the barrier to enter.

I’m enjoying spotting the weird around me. This is fun, you should try it too!