Why Are Social Media Platforms Playing God?

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Today, we all understand the power of Social Media platforms. The Father of Virtual Reality’, Jaron Lanier, warned everyone of the dangers in using social media without a clear purpose.

Private companies like Google, Facebook, TikTok, etc. all talk of diversity and inclusion, is it even possible? It isn’t. No one can claim to be absolutely right, except God, of-course. God doesn’t need to claim He is right; that is His inherent quality. God is always right. Let’s get back to what man is doing or can do, or should do.

Policies are often ambiguous; sometimes too specific, as in the case of TikTok that is doing well in terms of profits. The policies were too specific. It caused an uproar, as it discriminated against certain types of people, labeled them in negative ways. Their spokesperson partially denied ever having such policies. Nevertheless, internal Content Moderation policies and guidance, leaked memos, whistleblowers, scorned employees, etc. reveal the naked truth about how these Social Media platforms actually think.

Social Media platforms regulate content according to what they think is right.
What they think is right for the platform to keep it appealing.
Whoever is at the helm, decides on what is right and wrong.

Google, Facebook, are all banning David Icke. I don’t need to believe anything he says. Nevertheless, completely removing or even blocking an individual’s content beats the purpose of building an ‘open and free world’.

Based on Facebook’s statement, how are they promoting a more open world?
“Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share by building communities and getting closer to each other. It is helping people connect with others by giving them a more open world where barriers cease to exist.”

What could Facebook or any social media platform do? Label them, instead of removing them completely. Let it stand out among other content so people are aware what the organisation thinks about the content; let people decide on what they need to believe.
Harmful tobacco or even alcohol that is literally killing millions have had longer shelf life and publicity than today’s “conspiracy theorists”. Yet the sale of harmful products continue, openly, to fill the pockets of companies. It’s always about money, isn’t it?

An opinion is not like an in-your-face violent graphic or video presentation! Which we all agree, need to be regulated. Thank God, it is being done. But, life can be better for the freshers who moderate extreme content.

It’s saddening to see how the world is turning increasingly evil despite all the “advancement in science and technology”. Private companies will always do what is best suited for their survival. So do most humans today. In a world where we talk about self-love first at the cost of God, this is inevitable.

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