Are We Transitioning Into A Second Life Type World?

I remember long ago, in 2002 or so, trying to figure out the then latest fad, Second Life. I thought it was going to change the world. Here we are in 2020 and it almost seems non-existent. I had created an avatar and went about walking around the streets of some city. Lost all that data a while back as I strayed away to more interesting and ready-to-run tech life.

The lockdown is pushing people online. Interestingly, Second Life has seen an uptick. Nothing worth talking about still.

A 2011 article by Hypergrid reveals why Second Life failed, or was still a failure then.

  • A Failure to Set Standards For Interoperability & Commerce
  • Failure to make a 3D Web

A 2016 article by Vice gives some more insight on why it is “still a thing.”

“Last year, users redeemed $60 million (USD) from their┬áSecond Life businesses, and the virtual world’s GDP is about $500 million, which is the size of some small countries,” Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

What a free environment brought forth was, more “sex stuff”. When people are left to do what they want, it’s total chaos. Sad truth. When CNet tried to host an interview on Second Life about Second Life, nonsense prevailed!

The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart


A world already full of stress and worry has now plunged into a worse situation. Some blame the rich and powerful to have coordinated the current mess. Some believe it is a pandemic caused by natural causes. Whatever the case may be, people are dying and life on earth requires a revival of sorts.

As minds work together to navigate the mess; the heart can only be regulated by God. Science is useful, but the cries of the soul cannot be man-i-pulated. This life needs to be sorted before we think we can thrive in a Second Life.

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