When I was in school; a minute late meant, isolation; Stand alone, outside the classroom; Punished, disgraced. I would stand, scared and ashamed; fearing what would people think or say; head down, looking away, afraid to see the people who went my way.

Some were bolder, who dared to walk; like nothing every happened. As if it was a regular break. They turned their shame into a game; walking about, meeting and greeting people in the hallway. They turned their isolation into “opportunity”.

My isolation helped me face my fears, as I stood outside and held my tears. I learnt about a part of me which I hadn’t discovered for years. It felt strange, yet I knew my space. I grew to understand my place. In the moments of silence outside, I met the chaos inside.

When you face your fear, stand your ground. Don’t fake who you are, simply just hanging around. Go through the pain, discover your space. Overcome your demons, before they hustle your pace. Be free inside, it matters the most. No room for worry or feeling alone. There is a world to experience, build strength to stay resilient.

A strict teacher is to be loved, not hated. Respect her calling and you will be appreciated.

Play by the rules. Stay home, stay safe. Home is where the heart is. Guard your heart; with God each new day is always a fresh start.

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