Is your ‘PR’ or ‘Marketing’ mode always on?

While Public Relations is a profession of building trust and credibility, the term is is often used negatively by some. Often indicating putting on a show to convince rather than being genuine. That’s quite harsh, and PR professionals have to sometimes work harder to prove themselves to get a relationship going, be it with the client or the media.

Even ‘Marketing’ is often misused to reflect negatively in normal conversations.

In one of my informal chats with a Marketing Lead of a large MNC, he stated that there is a lot of competition internally to prove yourself. To ensure that you stand above the rest. His exact words were “Everyone has to market themselves as doing better work than the rest.”

It’s the same in every profession today. Job’s have taken over people’s common sense, driving them into competition with each other.

Social Media platforms are filled with self promotion that reeks of false humility and fake compassion. How people boast!!!

It’s not easy trying to cut above the rest, or break through clutter. So, most approaches fail because people try too hard. Instead of focusing on their strengths, hell bent on trying to be masters of all. When the cracks begin to show, there is no way to save yourself.

What does it take to stand apart? What does it take to stay genuine?

Diligence is key. It’s an essential ingredient not only for the PR profession but in every area of life. Consistent, persistent hard work will always bear it’s fruit. Often we get distracted to try every possible thing that comes our way and in the process neglect what we had set out to do.

We end up becoming a Jack of all trades and master of none. In a new world of specialisation and need for focused expertise, jacks aren’t the first choice at all.

Cut out the need to please anyone. Stay true to delivering your best. The rest will follow. Stay patient and continue to hone your skill and all else is bound to fall in place. No matter how people perceive you initially, diligence will make you a new man in time to shatter old preconceived notions and wrong impressions.

The heart often betrays in the urgencies of life. PR deals with changing hearts. If PR professionals stay genuine in every relationship, the long term benefits will always be fruitful.

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