Cause-ing Creativity: SmoKing or a Slave?

Slave, not a King

This creative may seem slightly far-fetched, nevertheless, the point is to drive home the message that Smoking in essence is a form of slavery. You are no more a King of your life, but a Slave.

What does slavery entail? Abject subjection of an individual to a form of work they are unable to be free from. Their freedom is lost, leaving them stuck to work without remuneration and a life beyond work.

I once asked a friend why he can’t quit smoking. Why he cannot just will it, and break the chains. Like a few others I’ve heard say, they are unable to stop because they fear a relapse.

What’s really happening? The lack of purpose in life, boredom, anxiety, troubles, etc. potentially lead people into smoking. The toll from all the stress on their body is such that they give in to finding something external to soothe their senses. They are so consumed with soothing their body that they forget to address the real issue, which is the mind and heart. Of-course, smoking is only one of the problems.

I’ve had friends tell me they overcame the problem of smoking by finding a purpose in life. A purpose that required active thinking daily, followed by action that helped achieve short or long term goals.

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