When Spokespeople Shine!

In the beginning years of my Public Relations career, I woke up to a negative line in a restaurant review feature for one of my clients. This client was an oriental restaurant, a new kid on the food scene. 

Even a mention in a leading newspaper has the power to change the perception and hurt any company. To write negatively about a newbie which had great ambitions and already planned to set up multiple (three digits) restaurants across India, was not something to take lightly.

The CEO personally called the journalist and requested for another shot at the food. This time the CEO joined, and the journalist loved the entire experience. 

The journalist loved the food. He also apologized for taking a stance based on a single experience. A bad hair day in the food industry is risky business today than ever before with everyone able to post a review. The journalist was humble enough to admit he should have visited a couple of times.

When you are with the CEO the experience has to be top class, right? The journalist got a tour of how the food was prepared. The cleanliness and hygiene measures in place. He enjoyed witnessing the speed of cooking and delivery of food from the time the order is placed.

The CEO led the entire tour, confidently explaining and answering the questions the journalist put forth. 

Within weeks the journalist, after a few solo visits, wrote a fine review. 

Such CEO’s are a gem, one of a kind. Accessible, available and admirable. 

Getting to work with spokespeople who are both intelligent and empathetic evolves you as a professional. A front seat to watch them do their magic is educational and a confidence booster. 

I’ve love to hear your top CEO experience as a PR professional representing the brand! 


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