Good name is better than great riches

Social Media has truly given the power back to the consumer. No one can stop the onslaught that follows when a Brand finds itself facing the public, online. 

You fail to keep your promises and you could be the leading hashtag for the day or week. With ‘not so great’ Brands increasingly advertising on traditional media, pushing positive content and shamelessly self-promoting; consumers are now making the most of social media to change the tide. 

This article on PRNewsonline caught my attention recently. Victoria’s Secret (VS) saw a major dip in sales and was eventually sold off because of controversies surrounding the brand, employee harassment and the CEO’s connection with Jeffrey Epstein. Can the brand make a comeback to its billionaire status with the slew of complaints against it?

Crisis experts recommend the following;

  1. More apparel options to cater to the millennial generation and Gen Z
  2. Connect with current customer needs; begin to include women of all sizes
  3. Move away from objectifying women; focus on empowering all women

One thing is sure, it’s not going to be easy for VS to regain its coveted spot in the lingerie world. It will take y e a r s.

Reputation building is a daily affair now with Social Media. It’s necessary to have a good product to maintain the positive messaging for content creators or communicators. Expecting average products to sell well and maintain a positive image today is simply asking for it. 

Barbie (Doll) listened to customers, making changes to its line of products introducing a diverse range of coloured dolls. I find it strange why it wasn’t so in the first place. The creators milked the demand for 60+ years, till common sense prevailed or social media gave consumers the space to unite and demand change.

Targeting religious sentiments or specific communities is always risky because no group wants to be mocked at or be perceived negatively in the long run. In the business of advertising and communication, words matter. Words have the power to change hearts. Building your reputation with the intent to build or serve will always be acceptable. A good reputation requires good hearted leaders and communicators, not just good products. 

The communicator needs to stay true to his or her profession when brand reputation takes a hit. It’s harder now with multi-channels and the instancy of news spreading far and wide. ‘Everyday is a crisis day’ may just be the best way to keep yourself in check.


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