Mental Health issues to cost India over 1 trillion dollars

What are a couple of key expectations from a team? Deliver rich customer experiences and adapt to change.

An employee is a human being, not a machine. The monotony and reward based models we work on, often make us forget that we need to stop. That we have limits. When we break those limits by ignoring what’s happening around us, it all falls on us like a ton of bricks.

You may be able to keep your emotions aside for a while. Blocking your emotions is damaging in the long run. You need to root out every thing that holds you back from giving your best.

Intelligence is often overrated and empathy is greatly underrated. Unless there is a balance of both these traits, the long term damage is inevitable.

When depression hits, it renders you almost useless. You stop believing in the ability to do anything. Even what you’ve already mastered earlier. If you don’t feel right, you always hesitate. Depression is a far deadlier feeling. You come to a standstill.

I’ve known qualified/PhD professionals who eventually ended up hand-pulling rickshaws. They were brilliant minds till they caved in to the pressures of the heart. (Rickshaw pulling is fine as long as it’s legal, you are happy and meet your expenses. There is a greater purpose to life than a reputation built on material gain).

“42.5% of the employees in the private sector of corporate India suffer from depression or some form anxiety disorder. That’s almost every second person. Studies indicate that two-thirds of people who have suffered from depression face prejudice at work or while applying for new jobs. The World Health Organization estimates that India will suffer economic losses amounting to a staggering 1.03 trillion dollars from mental health conditions between 2012 and 2030.” Source

These figures are scary, and the methods to overcome depression are expensive and temporary. You cannot solve what you cannot see with physical exercises or mind-less meditation. It starts with finding common ground and being intentional about change daily. It requires a change in the overall attitude, an inner engineering. A culture that champions true love.

Spiritual problems require a spiritual solution.

“God is our refuge and strength [mighty and impenetrable], A very present and well-proved help in trouble.” Psalms‬ ‭46:1‬ ‭


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