Jobless, doesn’t mean you are Godless!

You are either too expensive, Or you are either too old, don’t be discouraged, your life is more precious than gold

Time is a privilege, to explore within, to stop from the chase, to look deep and dive-in

Don’t map your worth, on the standards of this world, there is a greater beyond, a beauty to behold

With unemployment rates increasing; lives are being lost. Families are suffering, because of rising costs.

Some say the numbers are lies, tell that to the families, who are losing precious lives.

The battle within, is rife with strife. Anchor your soul, there’s more to life.

Every human, is a gift. A heritage of Gods love. It pays to give another a lift.

I was pondering over the many conversations I’ve had over the week around those who are either unemployed or unsatisfied with their work situation. People are losing hope because it’s taking much longer than they expected or because of crippling financial conditions. Not everyone can or knows how to deal with such loss. The world is only about Money, and if you aren’t making money, it begins to hit every area of life.

What we often forget is there is more to this life than just feeding our bodies. Our mental and emotional health needs its regular food too. Connecting with God was, is, and will always be critical. You can be highly successful, but horribly lonely and discontent inside. The only way to address what you cannot see is by calling on God who sees it all.


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