3 qualities of a great manager

With over 10 hours spent at work daily, minus the travel, the last thing you want is a troubled workplace. If the salary is good enough, the next critical need is a great manager.

I look for these three qualities in a manager.

A Mentor

A confidant, counsellor, consultant, adviser, therapist are all terms given to define a Mentor.

What you learn hands-on is far richer than the learning’s through programmatic trainings. I don’t mean to undermine the value of training. The learning’s in real-work scenarios feeds into our confidence. A mentor helps in enriching those siloed experiences with their wisdom and direction. The sad truth is, very few actually make the time to sit down with you, provide constructive feedback. It’s a great relief to have one who does.

A Team player

A manager must be wary of his team members strengths and weaknesses. If the manager is part of the hiring process, they have a fine opportunity to build a team with the right skill sets. Where each member complements one another’s skills. They (manager) must be willing to take responsibility for slip-ups too. They need to make sure each member has all they need to deliver their best. Fill-in themselves wherever a member either lacks the skill or is unavailable. A team player blends in perfectly and represents being part of one unit.

A Thorough Professional

A true professional is concerned about work. He or She will ensure time at work be utilised optimally to further company goals. They are equally concerned for the mental and emotional well-being of team members (during office hours). Managers who can take on the might of their seniors and also build team morale is getting extinct. Nevertheless, this is a basic ask of any manager.

I’ve had over 12 managers in over a decade of work. Every manager brings a new perspective. Each manager either hones an uncut part of you or enhances your strengths. It’s always a blessing to have a manager who has the heart to help you grow as they grow.

A great manager is a major cure or prevention agent for mental health or emotional well-being issues at the workplace. Happiness at the workplace can positively impact other areas of life too. It takes a compassionate leadership to raise managers who can be the difference to bring in profitability and drive favourable workplace culture.


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