AnomalyCity: Statue of Man eating human babies

Bern, Switzerland has a statue of a man eating human babies. No one knows why!

Kindlifresserbrunnen means, “Fountain of the Eater of Little Children”.

A 500 year old statue in the middle of the street, with no credible historical record of why and how it came into being. What is the education here?People censor and seek bans on so many inane issues, yet this is fine.

This truly reveals the heart of man and how most censorship or ban-tivism is mostly political with 💰 as top motive.

A sight like this is not recommended for children, nor mentally unstable addicts. Who cares! It’s a tourist spot bringing in money for the city.

To really care, you need God. To see through the darkness the heart needs to be filled with the Light of God.

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