Why create a digital volunteers community for your nonprofit?

Causes are all about People. You may believe in your Cause, but if you don’t believe in the People behind your Cause, how fruitful will it be?

Every movement starts with one or two, and builds into a larger one. Creating a digital community, not just for volunteers, but also for your donors and partners will be one of the most powerful assets in your armoury.

How to kickstart a digital volunteering community?

  1. Create a group on Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp (Your Key social media platform)
  2. Add your friends and well-wishers truly committed to your Cause
  3. Get them to recruit their friends who are interested
  4. Ensure consistent education and updates on your need and progress
  5. Continue to use your social media to recruit volunteers to your group chats

Why have a digital volunteering community at all?

  1. It is the best way to keep your tribe informed and up-to-date
  2. You save time; for decisive meetings
  3. Identify top volunteers for specific engagements
  4. Empower volunteers who are actively engaged and making the difference for your Cause
  5. Celebrate successes, appreciate and recognise great work; Words are powerful
  6. Build targeted fundraising efforts
  7. As the group gets larger, verify volunteers in the group and connect offline only if necessary

I’ve only shared 7 ways; there are much more benefits as people come together for any Cause. The more the merrier.

These tips are applicable for employee volunteering in large organisations as well. CSR managers find it easier to engage their employees using private chats to inform and educate on nonprofit opportunities. Email Groups are typically the most common; intranet group chats becoming a norm too. Nonprofits can leverage insights from these internal group chats via their employee contacts in companies.

What else do you want to add? drop ’em comments.


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