Why go video?

Considering you do not have time, as a nonprofit leader or communicator, making quick video posts can help you greatly in the long run. 

Ideas do not make appointments. They happen on the go. Your mobile device helps you capture videos quickly, either of yourself sharing a key thought concerning your industry or cause or shooting a scene that’s contextual (can be reused) and makes sense for your audience. 

What makes video a best long term solution? 

A video can be broken down into other formats like a podcast, blog write up, and even smaller chunks of videos and quotes.

Say for e.g. as a nonprofit leader, you decide to post a video weekly. Every week, you give an update about your industry, or progress as an organisation, or capture a beneficiary impact story. If it’s a 3-5 minute content, that’s enough for a quick post for your blog that could be promoted on social media platforms. You could further cull out 2-3 sentences that make for an insightful quote for the audience. Run it through the week. This may even urge others who missed the video earlier to go back and listen to the video. It’s possible not everyone wants to open a video, creating an audio only version helps you to build your podcast repository as well.

Checkout this Sprout Social link to learn about a few social media video tips and strategies.

Gary Vee’s content strategy is useful to understand how to create and distribute content.

Biteable’s blogpost on video marketing statistics reveal how video is critical for the future.

Practice till you get the hang of it. You love what you do as a nonprofit leader, the words will come when it really matters. Go video!


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