How to map the volunteers journey?

Have you heard of the funnel system used in marketing? Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. This system presents the buyers journey from getting to know about a product to eventual purchase.

Think about it for your Cause from a volunteers journey POV.

  1. Attention: the volunteer is aware of the opportunity.
  2. Interest: the volunteer expresses interest in an opportunity or two.
  3. Desire: the volunteer finds a match with your organisations Cause.
  4. Action: the volunteer decides to work for your organisations specific Cause.

The digital world provides fresh ways to reach out to a larger audience. I’d encourage you to consider the following approach for your nonprofit volunteering;


You need volunteers for your organisation. Where can you find them easily today? Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? If you are in any one of those platforms, post content that draws their attention to your need for volunteers. Yes, do it, announce. Let the attention-less (or are they really focused?) generation align your Cause with their purpose! Publish visually appealing posts across your relevant networks, based on your persona mapping for volunteers.

Seekers will be aware and respond to you depending on your CTA (Call To Action). Potential seekers can be reached via paid advertising, or organic reach. Also, through your email marketing alerts.


When will a potential volunteer or seeker be interested or attracted to your Cause? When they feel the opportunity is something they believe in, or will be able to perform.

Having only seen the announcement, they will want to know more. Their interest levels will need to be ascertained based on their response to your posts. Some may not want to join yet, but would like to stay informed. You can add them to your email list for future events. Some may want more clarity and may request a DM or face to face. Some may even want you to engage in the comments section of your post. You may even decide to add them to an existing volunteer group to make an informed decision.

The insights from your requests will help you create fresh posts to target new volunteers on the value of working for your Cause too.


Getting a volunteer interested is one step further, but getting them to approve of your Cause to their liking is another leap altogether. Finding the right mix of talent and opportunity is key. Both for the seeker and the organisations Cause.

The young are passionate, their desires can be fleeting unless harnessed to derive value and showcase their excellence.

Showcase previous work done in your organisation or examples from other organisations via online sources. Get them to speak with existing volunteers or past volunteers who have found meaning and results.


Once the volunteers are onboard and ready for action, set them up as advocates for your Cause. Getting others to speak on your behalf will always help build the necessary credibility for your organisation. As they find their fit in volunteering with you, they will begin to tell the world around them online too. They move on to become Champions and recruiters for your Cause.

Social Media presents a huge opportunity for all nonprofit leaders and communicators to keep the momentum running in an ever distracting world. Social media platforms, email marketing tools, messenger groups, all have a perfect use as you map your volunteers journey. The more consistent you are with your social media usage, the better the results will be and your command over digital tools in a highly digital world.

Know your volunteer, donor and partner personas for more effective results.

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