Cause-ing Creativity: Say No to Alcoholism

If you are a nonprofit, there is a simple way to UP your social media awareness efforts. It isn’t easy to break through the clutter, but getting creative has the potential to make the required difference for your presence online.

Non-designer tools like Canva and Spark Post, among a host of others, provides the creative in you to a host of options to present your message visually.

Take a look at four sample images created using a mobile device on Alcoholism you can use for the Stories section across Facebook, Instagram and your Whatsapp (status updates).

Once you have your idea, it’s a matter of making the most of what these apps offer you to convey it. Paid versions are affordable and provide a wide number of options to create impressive visual stories on your own.

Time is of the essence. Making time to get your message out creatively is worth the effort. We live in a highly visual world online. Technology has its benefits which need to be leveraged with smart thinking. Avoiding creative tools (created for nonprofits in mind too) is a bad choice.

Guess what? You can get volunteers to create them for you to post online. Imagine an army of creative ninja’s drawing attention to a Cause you’ve given your life for!


The problem of Alcoholism is real, ignored by so many today as the world struggles with various mental health problems that lead to similar addictions.

Alcohol consumption contributes to over 3.3 million deaths each year globally, according to a WHO report. 2.6 lakh Indians die each year due to alcoholism.


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