How are nonprofits failing themselves on Social Media?

Not using Social Media wholeheartedly!

What is the one thing no one has to waste? Time.
Why would you open an account and not get serious on the platform?

Many nonprofits still have a very negative view of social media platforms. Mostly because they are fearful. The fear of the unknown can turn into a real mental health problem. It definitely will affect your ability to navigate online because it feels immediate or instant so more intimidating.

If things have to blow up, it will. Let it. Handle it with grace, if it does. There is no need to get personal about matters. Keep it real.

How passionately do you feel about what you have committed your life to?

If you are on any platform use it because you are eager to tell the world about your amazing work. People are bound to have different opinions. Hear them out, respond only if necessary. Let your work speak for itself. Stay focused on those who love what you do. Interact with those who are serious about their work and aligns with yours.

What is not yours cannot be controlled, can it?

Every social media platform was built with a certain goal in mind. Just because your name is on it, doesn’t make it yours. Understand the context of each platform and use it to their benefit and yours. A website is yours, not social media platforms. But, what and how you use it is going to be entirely yours! Each platform caters to different types of audiences, varying age ranges, and beliefs. Customise the message for each channel. Don’t write for the mass. Write for the audience you need. Everyone wants extra, and desires everyone. Start with the people closest to you, and the platforms they are most comfortable with.

There are many who are working on similar causes, how are you different?

Provide Value. Be a Cheerful Giver. If you don’t believe in what you are sharing, don’t. Give by inspiring, educating, and engaging. Keep at it because it is free. Depending on how well you know your topic, keep creating content that teaches or inspires. Most people are speechless about what to say when they are on social media. As a nonprofit leader or communication person there is always going to be something to share.

All those who love what they do find it hard to contain themselves. They love to share it with the world around them. Love what you do? Tell the world about it. Surprise yourself as you find out how many love what you do and decide to support you too.


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