What is the key to good mental health?

Better mental well-being, mental health, whatever anyone wants to call it, requires honesty and trust. Both come only with Truth.

How many are willing to stick to the truth at the workplace? Those who live in constant fear of losing their jobs mostly fail to speak the truth.

When employees feel a threat, whether there is one or not, will immediately cower into their insecure-zone. Insecurity breeds familiar beasts like fear, denial, anger, jealousy, etc. It impacts work negatively because the person has entered a “safe zone”.

The culture of free spiritedness requires leaders and managers who are free themselves. People pleasing always fails eventually. Sticking to the core ethos and driving purpose daily/weekly will always get better results.

Communication plays a key role in driving this change. Communicating ethos is required at every level. One complaint from anyone can spread the discouragement. We know bad news spread faster than good ones.

Communication bridges the divide, and is always focused on healing.

Words have power.

If you think they don’t, wait till someone says something directly about you. That feeling you get, good or bad? Needs to be addressed correctly.

Communicating correctly is a responsibility, not just for the Communication department, but for every employee who desires good mental health.

Every experience at the workplace is key to employee well-being. Internal Communication works towards reaching the minds and the hearts, shaping culture and enhancing well being and good health, among employees.


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