Why must nonprofits invest in a Website?

Three reasons why nonprofits should pay more attention to their website in a digital world.

  1. Ownership
  2. Education
  3. Engagement

Own Your Space

People kill for real estate, offline. A website is your real estate, online. Everyone is welcome. A space to inform, educate, and build an interactive platform. Your website provides the opportunity to own and host content as long as you want. Unlike Facebook, Instagram or other social platforms that own your content. They have the power to block your content if they think it does not fall in line with their rules or standards. Facebook confessed to faking video views. Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp too. You are never sure about what they throw at you with their ever changing algorithms. The constant changes require learning that may take too much of your time. With a website, you will have better business insights and tweak content and UI based on your (and customer) needs.

Your website, your rules. A well designed website goes a long way in brand recall.

Educate Your Audience

Your website is a one-stop-shop for all those who are interested in your work or desire to learn about your Cause. Organise your content keeping your audience in mind. Content for Donors, Volunteers, and Partners will need to be simple to understand and enable readers to take action.
Be creative about your HomePage. What content makes most sense to capture a reader’s attention when they land on your site? Maybe a short story that connects – relevant, drives hope and inspiration.

A website gives you the power to be the Media for whatever Cause you are seeking to serve.

Engage meaningfully

A blog roll, microsite, or chat feature enables readers to stay updated on current events, learning via discussions, and get specific questions answered. As a nonprofit, you have stories to tell and people to mobilise. Subscription to blogs help share your latest news (via email) and receive feedback from readers. Chat features or microsites help keep your audience engaged with your content.

Additionally, including links to your social media platforms helps people reach out to you directly. Social Media becomes useful to engage people with critical content on your site.

To conclude, all those who want to learn about your organisation will mostly prefer to read-up on the work you do. How you present your site, visually and content-wise, will build your credibility in their eyes. A site of your own reveals a serious commitment to your Cause. It presents you as one who means business! It makes the most sense today to have control over what you want published online about your brand. Misconceptions and false information about your work can be avoided when you have a website of your own.

Create your own space for what you have committed your life to. All those who are truly interested will either join you or support you some other way. Having your website makes it easier for both kinds to stay informed and engage directly without any hassle.


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