The Calcutta Zoo is the oldest in India, opened in 1876. No. What? It’s not? It’s the Trivandrum Zoo that is the oldest, dates back to 1857. The first time I visited the Kolkata Zoo, I loved it. It was way better in terms of general health of the animals and maintenance of the Zoo.

In my recent visit, the Lioness was sick, had just given birth to a healthy male. No one was allowed anywhere close to the cage. It was shut to the public. No clue where the Bear was. No Camels or the wild Yak. The Rhino was too busy underwater, thanks to the heat that day.

I’ve been to the Trivandrum Zoo. Believe it or not, I was right there when a Lion peed straight into a man’s (who was mocking at it) mouth. I had just crossed the lion enclosure, disgusted by a young man’s wasteful behaviour. A few steps later, I hear a collective gasp! Looked back, the Lion sprayed at this young guy who was teasing it right by the cage.

This was fun, need to make most of my travels henceforth, visit as many Zoos possible too.

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