What does the ‘Father of Virtual Reality’ say about Social Media?

Lanier cites two reasons why people need to delete Social Media:

  • For your own good
  • For society’s good

Why for self?

He says, the algorithms subtly manipulate you by watching everything that you do constantly. It sends you changes in the media feed to adjust to an advertisers liking.

If we get off that, we have a clearer view of our life.

Why for society?

He says, it’s more important for society because it has been darkened by the scheme of constant surveillance – mild version of behaviour modification. People are jittery and cranky, teens are getting depressed. Politics seems unreal and strange. It’s getting difficult to know if it’s fake or real anymore.

Facebook has publicly declared they have intentionally introduced addictive schemes. A stealthy, statistical addiction through rewards and punishments.

He suggests, we need to get rid of the manipulating machines in the background, not the medium. Manipulating you to pay for the service is fine. Never right when its for a third party.

He also suggests that users of social media must “Take a break for 6 months to know yourself.” He feels society must have people who are outside of the online world to get the right balanced perspective on life.

For more, here’s the channel news 4 video link to the interview.

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