2020 Global Culture Report

Excerpts from the Report:

In spite of some positive changes in corporate culture, we have uncovered a new wave of challenges: a growing frustration with conventional workplace practices, an alarming increase in burnout, and a rejection of traditional leadership practices and philosophies. Organizations need to break out of the employee lifecycle mentality to focus on the everyday micro-experiences that, for employees, define life at work.

Six elements in defining workplace culture: Purpose, Opportunity, Success, Appreciation, Wellbeing and Leadership.

  • 92% of employees describe their employee experience as their everyday experience
  • 42% rate their employee experience as positive or extremely positive

“Our belief is that if you get the culture right, most of the other stuff, like great customer service, or building a great long-term brand or empowering passionate employees and customers, will happen on its own.” —TONY HSIEH, ZAPPOS

India’s relatively young and unskilled workforce has undergone massive growth in recent years, as well as the lure of opportunitiees abroad. Companies need to balance their desire for innovation with employees’ needs for flexibility and career development.

The 2020 Global Culture Report from O.C Tanner Institute: https://www.octanner.com/content/dam/oc-tanner/documents/white-papers/2019/INT-GCR2020-12.pdf


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