Which goal is critical to you?

Organisational goals are different from life goals. Organisational goals are well articulated and mostly clear. Everyone works together to meet that goal. Individuals have clear targets identified, teams have a collective 🎯 target. All lead up to fulfilling organisational goals.

Determining life goals is tricky. You find yourself mostly alone. It’s your life, you need to figure it out. There are family responsibilities and obligations that need to be met. Getting everyone together, on the same page, feels almost impossible.

As we figure out life goals, we forget them in the pursuit of organisational goals because you can see progression. Metrics are clearer and defined to a large degree. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s not your problem alone. It’s a collective issue. So you find a new family and purpose at work which is easier to relate to.

Anxiety and frustrations increase when we see the lack in our personal life. It slowly affects productivity at work. Eventually everything starts to look wrong. A grim picture of life indeed.

When the job gets bigger than life or when money trumps core values as a human being, life feels like running speedily into a wall.

People matter at work and life. You cannot hold onto everyone. The ones in life will eventually matter the most. These days the people in life are affected the most – work brings the money, it’s getting difficult to keep a job, forget finding one.

Setting the right expectations with people in life and at work is key. It’s necessary to be transparent and honest about how you think and feel. Wisdom is paramount during such times. Wisdom to realise your own life’s worth and how much you can really give to others.

Your mental health has the power to effect or affect another, especially those dear to you. Family should matter most to any individual, family outside of work. A work family is best for work scenarios, rarely goes beyond. Like, super duper rare. Like, you know, impossible types. 🙂

Love what you do. Do what’s correct. Correct is better than right. Knowing the difference is a journey. God knows best.

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