Diet Pepsi and Fruit Punch
Diet Cola meets Fruit punch | Photo: iPhone 8 Plus

I recently had to go to Salt Lake, and post work, decided to eat at a quiet place. A quiet place is always hard to find. I usually avoid bars or pubs, but hunger got the better of me. I stepped into one called 10 Downing Street at Salt Lake. It was almost empty, there was a guy sitting alone in one corner and three loud chatty friends or colleagues in another area. I was so happy to have found a quiet place.

Order away!

It was 4pm, and I wanted to catch a quick bite. I ordered the Chicken Tikka and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich. The bread was stuffed with generous pieces of chicken, along with fries and a smatter of veggies. I’m not a foodie, and always go for safe orders. What can go wrong with bread and chicken? Lol!

The ‘Chicken Tikka and Cheddar Cheese’ Sandwich

My wife ordered the Vegetable TDS Basket. I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian, but I loved the veggies they served here. I ended up eating quite a bit from her plate as well. Good quantity for a single person – even those who hate sharing will be forced to share. The paneer was delicious, well prepared. Soft and tasty, unlike the bland, rubbery types with no flavour. Since the veggies were fried, the oil was a bit much, yet it tasted quite good.

Veg TDS Basket

Is it pricey? Its not an everyday kind of place. For special occasions this place is affordable. I’d definitely recommend it for corporate get-togethers and lunch parties.

The staff were polite and responsive. Not much to comment about their service because there were hardly any customers during that time. Also, it makes a lot of difference if we approach them as humans and treat them with tenderness. I believe a majority will respond with goodness too.

I loved the decor, and how it’s well spaced between tables. They have a lounge setting too in a corner. A dance floor befitting office parties and live concerts. They had an old multicoloured scooter placed as display.


The washroom was clean and well maintained when I was there. What I did not like were the messages on the washroom wall. I missed taking photos of it. Maybe next time.

Based on my experience, I’d give it a 4.5/5. Sharing a few more photos taken on my iPhone.

Love the decor at 10 Downing Street
Old school

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