Anti-Trafficking is everyone’s responsibility

I recently attended a conference where nonprofit professionals working in the area of human anti-trafficking gathered to share best practices.

I was always keen to learn more about the space. I think it is one of the worst things humans could do to themselves. It takes a hopelessly reckless person to be involved in such a horrific trade.

It’s an over $300 Billion dollar industry! Everyone’s convinced it’s not a problem that will ever be solved. I agree. It’s ludicrous to think man will ever give up his evil when he is caught up in greed. I’m not a positivist. The reality is loud and clear for those who want to see it. Man needs God. Yet, it’s a problem that needs utmost attention so as many incidents can be curbed.

This isn’t a fight only for nonprofits or independent activists. Everyone has to participate in some form. It’s important to know how everyone can participate.

I remember, years ago, when I was in Noida getting a haircut. The barber was a burly man, long hair, coloured facial beard, and friendly. He did a good job with my haircut. No complaints, but then again, who would dare complain against a huge guy like him. He would get chatty with me whenever I came for a haircut. One day he offered me a full-body massage option at the salon because I often got a head massage done. I declined because I did not want that luxury. It became a habit, till he subtly began to mention that there are trained ladies for it. I still ignored. He continued to make the offer for the next 2-3 haircut sessions. Till I realised he was trying to offer me more than a serious body massage. It sent shivers down my spine.

I decided to stop going there for the haircut. After a few months I encountered him again at another salon in the same area. This was in the Atta market area in Noida. Now I understand why he stuck around in that area. It was filled with youngsters from other cities, and a hotbed for job opportunities in malls, etc.

Desperate people will do desperate things. The wicked know how to take advantage of that fear and insecurity.

I’m grateful to God that I never got involved in anyway. Still I wanted to let someone know – someone who could investigate the issue and probably help rescue those who may be trapped in the flesh trade. Then I didn’t! Maybe, I was too focused on my life.

I’m now aware of a few organisations in the space. I hope to see myself involved in someway to impact this area of human society in a positive way.

India celebrates Independence today, it’s time to rise against human trafficking and bring true freedom to those who are trapped in it.

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