3 reasons why team meetings are critical for small nonprofits

Everyone has lots on their plate. No one is free. If you aren’t occupied with work, there are ten other things to do which is often difficult to account for. Then there is a need to either train up or read/study up regularly.

Small teams need to be smarter with managing their time.

What makes a good meeting? How can everyone be left satisfied, and hungry for more at the same time?


Everyone wants to feel part of the team. But not everyone is always ready with information. Also, not everyone is an extrovert. Setting an agenda makes it easier to prepare your thoughts. When everyone contributes, there is a sense of satisfaction. You feel heard and go back more confident. If your idea is selected then it’s a win for all.


Micro nonprofit teams have individuals who are responsible for huge projects. It gets difficult to align all members. In short, everyone is strapped for time. A big picture meeting, short enough for people to retain info to respond later if required, keeps all aligned. Everyone is on the same page, informed and feel like equal partners too.


It takes a good leader or manager to ensure everyone is in sync and no one feels out of place. Once you start working on your individuals goals, you get preoccupied with it. After a point some feel isolated. FOMO engine kicks in. Reining in the team for a group check-in helps everyone to encourage one another and even suggest solutions to each other.

If you have a remote worker, the need for work related meetings become essential. Nonprofit employees are mostly content with their work-life, unless of course if the pay is too low. Otherwise, it’s satisfying because you truly believe you are changing the world one day at a time.

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