The beast awaits it’s turn as the master has his lunch. The best taxi in the world. If you are in Kolkata, you can’t miss this monster of a vehicle. It fears no one. Literally – The “No refusal” is just a design. It will refuse, if it feels like. 😀

The ride is affordable, cheaper than the app based cars (some yellow taxis are on the TYGR app). Not as comfortable or necessarily cordial. Unless, the driver is in a good mood. It’ll get you places, in one piece. Not sure about those on the road. Comfy seats, ample space for four average-sized humans. Speed is not an issue. It’s fast, and furious. Ride at your own risk!

I learnt how to drive on this one. It was scary, but you feel powerful because it is a bulky vehicle. I totally get the arrogance drivers have when they drive this one. Unfortunately, that arrogance is costing them greatly as app based cars are raking in most of the moolah.

No matter what, this car will always be a favourite for Kolkata riders, and I’m sure anyone who visits too.

Three reasons why I still use the yellow taxi cab in Kolkata;

  • Sheer nostalgia
  • Cheaper than app based cars
  • Spacious
Yellow Taxi
Kolkata’s pride

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