3 P’s of Nonprofit Communications

My learning’s after working with, and for, nonprofits helped me understand three people focus areas that are necessary for success. You don’t need to be a large nonprofit to apply these insights. You definitely will require a large heart to ensure consistency and sustainability.


The word itself is so overused in documentation and speeches, rarely exercised. The purpose is the ‘Why?’. Why do you do, what you do? Have a well documented, easy to understand ‘Purpose’ document for employees to remind themselves why and how they started. This internal document will help new employees get onboard with all they need to keep in mind when working for your organisation. The purpose needs to reflect in external properties (Websites, Blogs, Social Media, etc.) too for volunteers, donors, partners and interested audiences.


Not obvious! Apart from your staff, it’s necessary to identify and maintain a list of people who interact with your cause. Family, Friends, Volunteers, Donors, Bloggers, Journalists, Creative professionals, Employee volunteers, leaders, etc. relationships need to be nurtured to keep them focused on your cause. Word of mouth communication is still the most powerful form of communication. Stay connected to your network and they will reap what you sow in their hearts.


Partners are people too! A media or government partner comprises of individuals who agree with you and are willing to join together to create a better world. Avoid the negative mindset regarding corporate partnerships. Treat the people behind the organisation with love and you will get more than you ask. (I’ve been there). Not just offline, online too.

This is a snapshot of what nonprofits must deliberate in their daily routine. If you are a nonprofit and desire to know more. Write in, I’d love to share more.


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