Which is better for brands, Traditional Media or Social Media?

According to Mark Ritson, Marketing Professor, a 30-60 sec video on TV during Super Bowl in reality has more reach than Social Media shares and Impressions.

Take a look at this video where Mark shares his findings on how really effective social media metrics are compared to traditional media. He shares an example of Oreo vs Budweiser, which will make you rethink your approach.

Be it social media or traditional media, the point is to impact the business to gain increasing profits. What the future holds for freshers in the field of marketing and communications is clear. Understand basic marketing and communication concepts. They are necessary to ensure your strategy is focused on business gains rather than metrics that are obscure. There is a difference while implementing both forms of media. Marketing works best on traditional media, while social media is best for communications.

If you are inclined towards public relations this article on Spin Sucks by Gini Dietrich provides insights on how PR can integrate social media.

Seth Godin puts it very clearly about marketing on social media in this article on Entrepreneur, “The alternative is to be the kind of organization that markets with people instead of at them.”

I’m currently reading ‘This is Marketing’ by Seth Godin, hope to share my learnings soon.


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