What is long working hours doing to employees?

‘Hustling’ sounds good, but it won’t leave you feeling too good in the long run. I was glad to see an article that calls out this lie perpetrated by poor leaders to get vulnerable employees working like slaves.

This is the truth – “The tech industry romanticizes dedicating your life to your job by disguising it as your passion and only interest in life. Countless startups encourage their employees to stay longer in the office by providing a free meal at the end of the day, introducing “unlimited holiday” schemes, and nap pods”

“In reality, many scientific studies have shown productivity dramatically decreases with longer working hours; not only that, creativity completely evaporates once people clock in more than 55 hours a week. To put it plainly, someone working 70 hours in a week will achieve no more than someone working 55 hours.”

What’s going on in Asia?

When expats come to China they get slammed by the work culture there. It’s not something worth getting used to. Never at the cost of your personal time.

South Korea is reducing work hours so their humans can get a life.

Japan, famous for long working hours, is making amends. According to this article, a four day week is being planned. Will it take off? We’ll need to wait and see.

What about Women at the workplace?

According to an observational study, Women who work late end up in depression, more than men. Working on weekends was linked to a higher risk of depression among both men (3.4 per cent) and women (4.6 per cent), as per the study.

The ‘Hustle’ culture is helping organisations make a lot of money at the cost of people’s lives. There are numerous stories hushed up by companies where employees end up in depression, some even commit suicide. So many stories are unaccounted for as families grapple with work related stress.

Ofcourse, it’s not always about poor leadership, it’s also about bad decision making in the part of employees who think they need to put in that kind of time.

This does not need to happen. Lasting change will happen only if leaders make the effort to move the needle. The human spirit is capable of achieving a great deal. Yet, man who is created out of dust requires boundaries which will help him live a fulfilling life.


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