Build Your Team | 3 Essential Tips for Employee Volunteering (1/3)

Getting employees to volunteer for your CSR events can be extremely challenging, and stressful. 40-50 hours in office a week should never be all about work. We are humans, remember? Sometimes we forget, thanks to technology which is enabling us to do more. Work never stops. We need to stop, to recharge. I’d like to […]


3 reasons why workplace bonding should be during work-hours

“Workplace bonding” or “Team Building”, is an attempt to get employees to work better, together. It’s a call to strengthen employee communication, reduce siloed working, and improve the overall culture. Off-sites, work parties, in-house events are all time consuming activities.Time is money for companies. Time is money and LIFE for all employees. Firstly, Company time […]

Hope anchors the soul

I couldn’t resist taking this picture. It had just stopped raining and I stepped out with my camera. Behold! I see this little plant sprouting through some crushed stones. “When hope is crushed, the heart is crushed, but a wish come true fills you with joy.” (Proverbs‬ ‭13:12‬)

Mental Health issues to cost India over 1 trillion dollars

What are a couple of key expectations from a team? Deliver rich customer experiences and adapt to change. An employee is a human being, not a machine. The monotony and reward based models we work on, often make us forget that we need to stop. That we have limits. When we break those limits by […]

Jobless, doesn’t mean you are Godless!

You are either too expensive, Or you are either too old, don’t be discouraged, your life is more precious than gold Time is a privilege, to explore within, to stop from the chase, to look deep and dive-in Don’t map your worth, on the standards of this world, there is a greater beyond, a beauty […]

Cause-ing Creativity: No Smoking, please.

“Smoking is injurious to health”, everyone knows. Why would anyone in their right mind smoke knowing it is injurious to health? Why do people actually smoke? Smoking rooms in Corporate offices (Not sure if this still exists). Smoking breaks every 1-2 hours taken by employees of all levels is a norm now. An increasing norm. […]

AnomalyCity: Headhunting, the state of the human heart

I’ve often walked by this part of the road, never noticed it, until I did. This sight of a (doll) child’s head on display. It takes a troubled mind to put it up on display. I was reminded of the practice of Headhunting, which was a way of life for many native tribes across the […]

3 qualities of a great manager

With over 10 hours spent at work daily, minus the travel, the last thing you want is a troubled workplace. If the salary is good enough, the next critical need is a great manager. I look for these three qualities in a manager. A Mentor A confidant, counsellor, consultant, adviser, therapist are all terms given […]

AnomalyCity: Statue of Man eating human babies

Bern, Switzerland has a statue of a man eating human babies. No one knows why! Kindlifresserbrunnen means, “Fountain of the Eater of Little Children”. A 500 year old statue in the middle of the street, with no credible historical record of why and how it came into being. What is the education here?People censor and […]

Cause-ing Creativity: Say No to Drug Abuse

In Cause-ing Creativity, this time I’ve attempted three wordplay creatives to discourage the use of illegal drugs. Nonprofits can create similar communication for their social media posts. It keeps your feed creative and interesting. Here’s an article on what cocaine does to a persons heart. “Heroin is a deadly drug that’s damaging young lives. At […]

AnomalyCity: Bus Stop Lounge

Another sight to behold on the AnomalyCity series. A bus stop that has additional features. A tea and snacks corner, seating for several, and the most confusing of it all, a barrier. It’s almost as if it’s a mental and physical challenge of sorts. As you wait, keep calm, get comfortable, but when the bus […]