AnomalyCity: Homelessness

An old rusty bus being used as a makeshift home. Homelessness is still an increasing problem in the country. Specially cities. There are 1.77 million homeless in India, according to a 2011 census. "While there has been a 28% decline reported from rural India, there has been a 20% increase in houseless people living in... Continue Reading →


Why do organisations need Spokespeople?

Not everyone can be a spokesperson. Not everyone should be the spokesperson of an organisation. The primary spokesperson of any company is typically their CEO. Having a single spokesperson for media interviews is any day better than having different voices or perspectives represent an organisation. Multiple spokespeople make sense only when the company is confident... Continue Reading →

No Smoking, please.

Everyone knows "Smoking is injurious to health". Why would anyone in their right mind smoke knowing it is injurious to health? Why do people actually smoke? Smoking rooms in Corporate offices (Not sure if this still exists). Smoking breaks every 2-3 hours taken by employees of all levels is a norm now. An increasing norm.... Continue Reading →

Cause-ing Creativity: No Smoking

No to Smoking A play on the word 'Cigarette' to warn the user or potential user that smoking will be regrettable. Words are powerful, and anomalies such as these help with recalling messages that matter. Additional post copy on latest statistics help with driving the message. These images I've shared in my last two posts... Continue Reading →

Cause-ing Creativity: Smoking kills

No Smoking Tobacco causes 1 death every 6 seconds. Let the above statistic sink in. The rate of consumption has only increased over the years. An Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) report says that use of tobacco accounts for about 30% of all cancers in men and women in India. Cancer of mouth is... Continue Reading →

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